Simple List of Morgan Family Members Across the Generations

Morgan HeadstoneIt isn’t clear whether anyone descending from the Morgan family that settled present day Morgan, NJ still has the last name of “Morgan”.  As far as I know, no family members still live in Morgan and none of those who live near Morgan, NJ appear to have that surname anymore.  I find that to be both ironic and kind of sad.

The purpose of this write-up is to give an initial list of one son from each generation who had the last name of “Morgan”.  It starts with the first Morgan who came, reportedly in 1641, from Wales to Gravesend, New Amsterdam in “The New World” (present day Brooklyn, NY) and concludes with the last person named “Morgan” who was in the Morgan, NJ area that I am thus far aware of.

This list, which by no means the full Morgan family tree, will help when reading other pages or postings on this web site.  Discussions can get a little confusing because in the nine generations presented in this posting, there are four people named “Charles”, three named “James” and two named “Robert”. This list was chosen since most of what I know so far involves the individuals shown in the list. Please note that the son listed won’t always be the first born son and it doesn’t show wives or all children.  This list is the best attempt given what we thus far have discovered and has been compiled from a variety of sources.  In other words there are undoubtedly some inaccuracies.  Fortunately because this is the internet, if/when I come across more accurate information, I will come back to this posting and make the correction(s).

Here we go!

  • Carel “Charles”.  Born: After 1620 in Newport, Wales. Died: 1668 in Gravesend, New Amsterdam (present day Brooklyn, NY).
  • Charles, Jr. Born: Circa 1648 in Gravesend, New Amsterdam. Died: 1720 in Perth Amboy or Middletown, New Jersey.
  • Charles III.  Born: After 1683 in Flushing, NY. Died: 1749.
  • James, Sr. (Captain).  Born: 1734. Died: 1784. Buried in Morgan Family Cemetery.
  • James, Jr. (Major General).  Born: 4 January 1757. Died: 14 November 1822. Buried in Morgan Family Cemetery.
  • Charles.  Born: 13 January 1808 in South Amboy.  Died: 1 September 1852. Buried in Morgan Family Cemetery.
  • James Rutus. Born: 12 November 1833.  Died: 26 August 1898. Buried in Morgan Family Cemetery.
  • Robert E. Lee.  Born: 1878.  Died: ?
  • Robert D.  Born:  1911.  Died: 27 February 1942 on the Marlboro-Matawan Road (No children)

I intend on providing the wider family tree over time as well as a bio write-up for each person as information becomes available.  In the mean time I would like to thank Ed Campbell, Sue Meyer, and Blair Case for their help with the generation of this initial generation list.

Originally posted on February 13, 2011.

4 thoughts on “Simple List of Morgan Family Members Across the Generations

  1. Jackie sue sherman

    I was told by my aunt that general e lee was my ansester was he born a Morgan then adopted into the lee family

    1. ann Warren mcElhaney

      Is that part about Robert E Lee something that has been verified by anyone? That’s intensely interesting.

  2. Norma Savitsky

    Do you know where the Marlboro-Matawan Road would have been and/or is today? Thank you for any info you may have.


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