Morgan Rocks!

Morgan Rocks!

Some Things Found in Morgan, NJ!  Photo Courtesy of Bill Love.

Some Things Found in Morgan, NJ! Photo Courtesy of Bill Love.

In addition to the reddish soil so prevalent in the cliffs in Morgan, there are two types of rocks which kids in Morgan would likely remember and petrologists might take interest in.  Thanks to my long ago Morgan neighbor Bill Love, who recently had a nostalgic walking trip of his own around Morgan, for providing the above picture of what we used to call “Lucky Stones” and “Indian Paint Pots”.  Being the amphibian & reptile affectionado and recognized expert that he now is, Bill couldn’t resist including in the photo one of the other things easily found in Morgan which inspired him as a child – a toad!  Technically, and specifically (according to Bill), it is a Fowler’s Toad (Bufo fowleri).

It wouldn’t be unusual to have a brown lucky stone in your pocket after having come out of the woods at the north end of Morgan Avenue or Dodd Place.  I don’t know any of the scientific or technical aspects of this type of stone but Bill thinks the “Lucky Stone” may be part of the Flint family.  The “Indian Paint Pots” must have derived their name from both the legacy of the Lenni Lenape Indians, the original residents of present day Morgan, NJ, and the powdery compound which you would be able to rub off of the stone and apply to your face.  Came in handy if you were to play what is probably now considered to be a politically incorrect child’s game.

Originally posted on June 26, 2011.

2 thoughts on “Morgan Rocks!

  1. Jamie Bauer

    It might also be likely to come down the hill on Morgan Avenue with toad in hand after visiting the fish pond on the old doctor’s property at the end of the street, long before it was extended.

  2. James Halifko

    Wow, Lucky Stones and Paint Pots; we found these and much more including fossils in the Sayer & Fischer clay pit behind my Grandmother’s house on Smith sreet in Sayerville,NJ. When we crabbed and fished in Cheesequake Creek (we called it Morgan Creek) where we found parts of ammunition still there after the great Morgan Munition plant exploded in 1918; some brick structures were still on the hill in the 1950’s. Thanks for jogging the memories. Jim


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