Morgan Minute Men

Morgan Memorial – Morgan Minute Men


South Amboy Post Office’s Liberty Plaque

Announcement section of the South Amboy Post Office Liberty Plaque.

In William S. Stryker’s 1872 “Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War”, the following Morgan family members are listed:

  • James Morgan, Ensign, Captain of 2nd Regiment, also State Troops.
  • James Morgan, Jr., Ensign.
  • Nicholas Morgan, First Lieutenant, Captain Morgan’s Company, Second Regiment, Middlesex, Lieutenant Commanding Company, Major Hayes’ Battalion, State Troops, mortally wounded December 9, 1782. [Killed while on patrol at Cheesequake].
  • Daniel Morgan, Private, Captain Morgan’s Company, Second Regiment, Middlesex.
  • John Morgan, Private, Captain Morgan’s Company, Second Regiment, Middlesex.

Nicolas was the son of James Morgan, Sr. and brother of James Morgan, Jr.  A memorial page to Nicholas is viewable here.  It isn’t clear to me how Daniel and John are related to James and James, Jr. but hopefully that will change soon as the family tree gets pieced together.  Perhaps they are cousins?


Morgan/South Amboy Area Revolutionary War Veterans

List of Morgan & South Amboy Revolutionary War Veterans

On a wall in the South Amboy Post Office (08879 – the zip code used in Morgan, NJ!), these same five Morgans are listed, along with 30 other local veterans, on the “Liberty Plaque” which was created as part of the 1976 American Revolution Bicentennial celebration.  The plaque reads,

“Erected to honor the memory of the valiant citizens of this community who served in the Armed Forces that won our liberty in the War of Independence 1775-1781”.

Without these five Morgans and thousands like them during those difficult times, where would we now be?  Probably speaking English.

Originally posted on September 5, 2009.

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