Morgan Family Members Visiting the Morgan Family Cemetery

Morgan Family at the Morgan Family Cemetery in Morgan, NJ.

Morgan Family at the Morgan Family Cemetery in Morgan, NJ. Left to Right: EJ Campbell, Pam Campbell, Ed Campbell, Diane Brown, Richard Brown, Polly Petersen, Richard Petersen, and Tom Purcell.

Morgan Moment – Morgan Family Members Visiting the Morgan Family Cemetery

One of the many highlights for me from my trip back to Morgan in August 2011 was actually getting to meet members of the Morgan family!

Eight members of the family joined us on the tour of Morgan and were kind enough to not only let me take their photo but also allowed for me to put the photo on this web site.  The group includes the direct descendants of Carel “Charles” Morgan, the patriarch of the family who purportedly came to Gravesend, New Amsterdam in “The New World” (present day Brooklyn, NY) from Wales in 1641 (see the Simple Morgan Family Tree and the Will of Charles Morgan) and some of their spouses.

Though I have been in correspondence a few of them since I started this web site in 2009, this was the very first time that I actually met any of them!  I went through my entire childhood and most of my adult life without ever having met anyone affiliated with the cemetery right near my childhood home!

Ironically, no one in this photo or currently associated with the ancient and historic family cemetery in Morgan, NJ retains the last name of “Morgan”.  Perhaps there are others still with the “Morgan” surname from other branches of the family who descended from the first Charles Morgan.  In either case, we would love to hear from anyone who is part of the extended family with or without the “Morgan” surname.  It would be an excellent way to get in touch with their very distant cousins.

I would like to again give a big THANK YOU to everyone in the photo and express my appreciation for everyone’s help with this web site and especially their support and presence on August 27, 2011.  It was awesome that they came that day and opened up the family cemetery for us – especially since Hurricane Irene was about to hit the area and some had to drive a long way to be with us.

Originally posted on October 13, 2011.

9 thoughts on “Morgan Family Members Visiting the Morgan Family Cemetery

  1. Rick Morgan


    I just came across your post about a gathering of Morgan descendants in Morgan, NJ in 2011. I’m responding to your invitation to hear from other descendants of Charles Morgan of Gravesend, New Amsterdam. Some 30 years ago I traced my family’s Morgan surname back to that Charles Morgan, whom I suspect was the first Morgan to reside in what is now New York State.

    I would love to connect with others who share my Morgan ancestry. I’m happy to share my Robert Moore Morgan family tree, which may be accessed at if you have a membership in (otherwise, send me an email). My 1985 report The Ancestry of Rev. Walter A. Morgan includes chapters on Charles Morgan I of Gravesend, Charles Morgan II of Flushing & Perth Amboy, along with subsequent generations of Morgans in CT, NY, OH and IA – just google the title.

    It’s wonderful that there are still descendants of Charles Morgan I in New Jersey! Let’s keep in touch.

    Rick Morgan
    5902 32nd St, NW
    Washington, DC
    21 June 2014

  2. William Ohnsorg

    Ed (or any others),

    My grandmother was Mary (Morgan) Hamilton, who I believe was the daughter of James Rutus Morgan, but I am trying to verify that. Do you have any info that would help? Thanks much,

    Bill (William Morgan) Ohnsorg

    1. morgannjadmin Post author

      Hi Bill,
      From what I have been able to find, James Rutus Morgan (Born: Nov, 12, 1833. Died: Aug 26, 1898. Age: 64Y 9M 14D) and his wife Julia P. Hitchcock (Born: May 18, 1841. Died: Jun 15, 1896. Age: 55Y 0M 28D) – who are both buried in the Morgan Family Cemetery in Morgan – had 9 children. I don’t have dates of the children’s birth or deaths in my notes at this time but I am always hopeful! James and Julia were married in 1857. Their children (I believe in birth order): Madeline, Mary, Julia, Charles, Alice, Daniel, Lillian, Robert E. Lee, Alexander Hamilton.

  3. John Little

    I am trying to find information on my line of Morgans. My Great Grandmother was Nancy Ella Morgan,her father Daniel Morgan and his Father from what I have found is Isaac Morgan, he married Phebe Willis. They were from New Jersey, Sussex County area. I have searched for a long time with many brick walls along the way.

    1. morgannjadmin Post author

      Hi John, Sorry for another brick wall and unacceptably long response time. None of the names you list match any of the names I am familiar with for the Morgan family which was located in Morgan (Sayreville), NJ.

  4. LuAnn "Horst" Fuller

    I know those faces! I live in Florida and those fine people are cousins, Aunts and Uncle’s. Hello from Horst/ Fuller family


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