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  1. David P. Welden

    I am the grandson of James H. Cady, husband of Hattie Cady and father of Hazel, Helen, Betty and Doris Cady. Doris was my mother and was married to Robert P. Welden of South Amboy. I was born in1943 and lived in Lawrence Harbor during my early years. My granddad, James H. Cady, was proprietor of the Robert E. Lee Inn in Morgan, which he lost during the depression. Later he built and ran Cady’s Clam Bar a few miles north on Rt. 35 in Sayreville. His clam bar was a favorite stop for many regulars traveling up and down 35 from and to the shore. I usd to ride with him to and from Barnegat to obtain fresh supplies for the clam bar. Your site brings back many memories.
    David P. Welden
    PowderSprings, GA

    1. morgannjadmin Post author

      Hi. Thanks for the info! In your honor (and your cousin Peter’s honor), I just updated and reposted the write-up on the Robert E. Lee Inn (Cady’s House of Seafood). I look forward to any additional feedback you might have! Thanks, Verne

  2. Ellen Quatro

    when I was a 7 yr. old child we lived on the Beach, Morgan..It was 1950 and the month was NOVEMBER..A Nor’Eastern washed all the bungalows off the beach..We were very fortunate to have been rescued by the firemen in a row boat off the front stairs..We got out just in time.The water came in and took all the houses and bungalows out in the Raritan Bay…I will never forget that day (3am) in the morning I believe….To see the floods right now in Texas brings back memories…We and many others’ lost everything…


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